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On Our Monthly Clover Webinars

Leadership as a Daily Practice 

The Power of Ownership and Accountability 

How to Empower Your Team

Q&A With Our Leadership Experts 

What We Are Discussing! 

  • Will I be able to watch the webinar again?
    Yes, you can email and ask for it! We will be happy to send it to you.
  • What are the topics covered in each webinar?
    Each month we have different topics that are centered around the season of the home service industry. Some months we'll have industry leaders come speak about the secrets they've unlocked to grow their business
  • Does Clover Offer Complementary Success Calls? How can I get one?
    We offer success calls to contractors serious about leveling up their business and provide specific guidance for issues they are facing. We recommend you schedule a one on one complimentary success call which is available on the webinar.
  • Can I invite my team members to join the webinar?
    Yes of course! We teach different topics on each webinar so feel free to bring any team members that you feel would benefit from being on the webinar. Their growth is your growth.
  • Does this call cost to attend?
    No, these webinars are complimentary - they do not cost! All we ask is that you implement what you learn and make it count!
  • What if I want to work at a deeper level with Clover?
    We recommend you try our 7-day free trial of Contractor Catapult. Click the link below and schedule a quick call with our team to see if it is a fit for you.

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Take Charge Of Your Business Growth

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Get Actionable Tools From Industry Experts

Start Driving Growth In Your Buisness

Take Charge Of Your Business Growth


Sign Up Today For The Next Webinar


Get Actionable Tools From Industry Experts


Start Driving Growth In Your Buisness


Wake Up and Lead: Leadership as a Daily Practice

August 1st, 2023 at 10 AM PST | 1 PM EST

Join Josh Kelly, Austin Haydel, and Mary Belden-McGrath for a panel conversation as they dive into Leadership as a Daily Practice! 

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