A Bit About Us

Clover was born out of a passion to bring what Josh Kelly learned within his family company, Parker and Sons, to the industry as a whole. Parker and Sons was a stuck 6.5 million dollar company struggling to see how more growth could happen. Until one day they discovered the secret of massive success that would change the trajectory of their business: Learning from other people who are doing it well. It sounds so simple, but it is a practice that while simple, is rarely practiced within the industry. So they flew around the country searching out playbooks that could get them “unstuck” and it worked. Parker and Sons is on pace today to hit over 200 Million in residential business. Clover comes to bring these playbooks to the industry.

Why We Do This

Clover exist to bridge the gap that is present between conventional consulting, and lasting change within business. In our society there is an endless amount of knowledge at our fingertips; with one word Google. We differ in belief from the old saying “knowledge is power.” Knowledge is only potential power, it is implementation that creates change in anything we do. Bringing this belief to life in business consulting creates true movement within businesses. While working with us you will receive a lot of knowledge; however, you will also receive everything you need to implement the knowledge within the business.

Our Team of Experts

Josh Kelly
Josh KellyCOO / Co-Founder
Josh Kelly has been the owner/operator of industry leading marketing and consulting firm, Clover Marketing, for the last 12 years. He represents small to larger clients in the home service industry specializing in HVAC and plumbing contractors across the US. He has consistently grown companies from 7 figure business to 8 figure business and some all the way up to $100 Million!

Josh has spent tens of millions of dollars learning about the home service space and marketing, which is why Josh was able to help grow his family’s business by over 17X (over $190 million so far) and do the same for many other home service companies across America.

Josh has helped grow businesses 20% or more on average year after year across the US and Canada. Josh’s success with his family’s business and clients has opened up opportunities Josh never thought possible. Such as speaking around the world, attending scores of seminars to learn and share his secrets, and visiting countless successful home service companies to share ideas back and forth. Josh has the experience and opportunities most contractors will never have. TAKE ADVANTAGE of his experience, knowledge, and opportunities to help your team and business grow.In this BlackBook, Josh has packaged some of the biggest, most tried, and tested strategies that have had massive returns for his family business and the many other home service companies he has helped grow over the years.

Laura Kelly
Laura KellyCEO / Co-Founder
Laura Kelly has consulted one-on-one with billion-dollar businesses and CEOs. She’s toured the country with a venture capitalist investment group and has run over 30 events in 8 months for business owners and investment hunters across the country. She’s also won awards for her theory developed for business owners to get the most out of their employees
Laura majored in business psychology and optimal human performance where she graduated valedictorian. She was offered a funded Ph.D. at Trinity College Dublin, one of the world’s top universities. Laura has spoken throughout Ireland to CEOs and other professionals about optimal performance in the workplace and won awards for her theory developed for business owners to get the most out of their employees.

Laura has consulted global brands like Dell, Ornua, Tech Mahindra, Eli Lilly, Royal College of Surgeons, and CPL Jobs. She also has run events for leading business psychologists in Ireland and has headed up sponsorship relationships with Google. Laura has helped hundreds of contractors achieve 25% more growth and profitability year over year through developing Clover’s Contractor Catapult program.

Austin Haydel
Austin HaydelProject Implementation
AJ Salzar
AJ SalzarClient Success Manager
Tracy McCarthy
Tracy McCarthySocial Media Manager

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