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What is a Jam Session?

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What Do You Get with Contractor Catapult?

  • Free 7 Day Trial Try It Before You Buy It 
  • Secrets From The Most Successful Contractors In The Industry (30-45 minute videos) ($12,870 Value)
  • Playbooks – To Make Implementation Easy ($2,719 Value)
  • Action Plans – The Exact Playbook To Success ($1,397 Value)
  • Take-Away Videos Help You Focus On The Big Ideas ($827 Value)
  • Food For Thought – Reveal Hidden Opportunities ($684 Value)
  • Downloadable MP3 For Convenient Listening ($493 Value)
  • Word For Word Transcripts of EVERY Interview ($471 Value)
  • Weekly Knowledge Bombs – Game-Changing, Easy and Actionable Ideas ($6,197 Value) 
  • Accountability System Make Sure You Implement ($2,970 Value)
  • Monthly Group Coaching Call Ask ANY Questions ($10,247 Value) 
  • TOTAL VALUE = $38,875  
  • You Won’t Pay $38,875 You Get EVERYTHING ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓


100% REAL Satisfaction Guarantee

Growth with Clover is simple, actionable, and also RISK Free. We are so confident that you will have massive growth and profits using our proven playbook that we guarantee it. If you do not see growth, increase in profitability, and your business is not as enjoyable, then you will get a 100% refund on your investment. We have to be either crazy, or absolutely convinced that it is effective to do something like this. Truth is it may be both, but join the community today, and let’s start growing together!

What Do You Get In The Free Trial?

Let’s break it all down…

  • 2 Training Videos – With $150 And $60 Mill Contractor Breaking Their Most Successful Ideas ($1,287 Value)

  • Playbooks – For Each Training Video To Make Implementing The Ideas Easy ….($271 Value)

  • Action Plans – The Exact Playbook To Succeed With These Ideas….($197 Value)

  • Daily Training And Access – Receive Daily Training On Our Private Facebook Group…($87 Value)

  • Food For Thought – Reveal Hidden Opportunities….($68 Value)

  • Accountability System – Make Sure You Implement…($297 Value)

  • Downloadable MP3 – For Convenient Listening…. ($49 Value)

  • Word For Word – For You To Read Along….($47 Value

  • Weekly Knowledge Bombs – 2 Quick And Easy Actionable Ideas…($619 Value)

  • A Taste Of The Monthly Group Coaching – Covering Members Biggest Challenges…($947 Value)

That’s well over $3,000…all of which you get to experience FREE! When you join Contractor Catapult (for 7 days FREE)

You are going to immediately get access to EVERYTHING ABOVE

You pay $0 for 7 days and then only $197 after 7 days when you love it.

Oh, and if for some crazy reason you don’t love the 7 day trial – Email us within 7 days and we’ll cancel you immediately with $0 charged.

Sound fair?

Then what are you waiting for!?!

What Happens After The Free Trial?

We Know Contractor Catapult Is So Effective We Are Willing To Put Our…

Where Our Mouth Is And Make You 3 Promises

Too Good To Be True…NOPE
Here Are The Details….

  • You must be a member a full year. Why? True Growth is not a week long process we need you to commit to growth, profitability and fun.

  • You must watch your Jam Session every month. Why? How are you going to improve if you don’t even watch the videos!

  • You must watch your Weekly Knowledge Bombs every week. Why? If you wont watch a 3.5 minute video…you wont grow.

  • You must attend every Monthly Coaching Call. Why? The monthly coaching call if where we keep you on course AND solve any unexpected issues AND share more proven and unique solutions.

  • You have to share your results every month and your goals. Why? We can be your proven compass but for a compass to work we need to know where you are at and where you are going.

Proven content to take the mystery out of growing your business

0 Million
Parker & Sons grew from $6.5 million to over $175 million in 17 years with a 20%+ growth every year

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Results-Driven Advice from Experts

While I grew up in the HVAC and plumbing service industry, I chose not to follow the path of inheriting the family business. Instead, I opened a home service software company, became an executive at a $1 billion home service company, and traveled the world researching marketing and best practices. I used what I learned to help grow my family business, Parker & Sons which grew from $6.5 million to over $120 million in 15 years with 20%+ on average growth every year — 17X GROWTH. I have taken these same theories and spread them to companies across the US showing similar growth trajectories. Along with my own experimenting, I learned a lot from other contractors and the business experts I met along the way and want to provide you their insight on a monthly basis (without having to buy a plane ticket).

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More About Contractor Catapult

I’ve traveled the nation and collected business and marketing strategies from numerous companies so you don’t have to. Catapult takes these strategies and presents them every month in an accessible video format, featuring top-performing business owners. No-one needs another resource, but everyone needs a solution, make Contractor Catapult yours today!

Complexity is the enemy of implementation, so we’ve simplified everything and dissected what has worked for other companies so we can share it with you! You don’t need to fly to us or have us fly to you. All of this valuable information is available at one click of a button.

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