Finding and keeping good employees is the biggest challenge facing the trades today. 

On Episode 1 of LIP Service for Contractors, we provide the answers you need to implement to start recruiting and keeping great employees. 

Here’s your curated “How To Recruit” list from the episode:

  1. When recruiting, speak to what they care about. This requires doing your homework, entering friend circles and discovering what motivates young people to take jobs. 
  2. TRY! Just do SOMETHING! Posting something on is fine, but everyone does that. You can’t spend 45 minutes on a job posting and expect a Million Dollar Technician in return.
  3. Pick one person to lead recruiting efforts. That person owns the process and outcomes. And remember: measure recruiting outcomes (with simplicity). 
  4. Set proper expectations for your candidates. Don’t just sweet talk them or you’ll lose trust. Let them know what it’s really like to work for you and what they can expect in terms of time, money & emotional fulfillment. 
  5. Incentivize your people to recruit new team members. You can and should pay more than you think for someone to bring on new team members. Just consider what getting a clone of your best Technician would be worth to you. If you’re concerned about paying a lot, remember that you don’t have to pay all the incentive at once. You can break it up over time.
  6. When team members show resistance to recruiting because they don’t want to give up work, LOAD THEM UP. Keep them as busy as possible to show them there is no shortage of opportunities. 
  7. Call people who have left and ask them to come back. You never know who wants to come back but is too prideful to call you first. 
  8. Buy lists of licensed technicians in your area and direct mail them. And mail their spouse, too!

Here’s your curated “How To Keep” list from the episode:

    1. Seek to understand what they want in terms of time, money & fulfillment, and work as hard as you can to help them get there. It’s a team effort.
    2. Give them the hours they want. If they want to drop their kid off at school, let them! They can work from 10 AM to 7 PM. 
    3. Make them three promises: 
      • “I promise you will be a better (INSERT THEIR JOB).”
      • “I promise you will be a better person.”
      • “I promise you’ll be in a better financial position.” 
    4. In exit interviews (which hopefully happen at retirement) ask if you fulfilled those promises.


‘Till next time, 

LIP Service for Contractors