Even though we work in an essential business and are asked to stay open and do business across the US, EVERYONE in the home service industry is having issues with customers not wanting us in their homes.

We put together a quick script and our process to mitigate customer fear as much as we can to make sure there are no customers that are living in an unsafe environment because they feel they cannot have someone out to their home.

Preventing COVID-19 Cancellations

The main reason they don’t want us in their homes?

They are worried about their safety and their family’s safety.

Attached is a simple script and an 8 -step process that will help alleviate their fears and make sure you are helping as many families in need as you can during this crisis.

There is a lot going on in the world right now, and it is more important than ever that everyone is safe and comfortable in their homes. I hope this helps.

Preventing COVID-19 Cancellations